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'Silent Star' from 'Close To You' album received US national radio play via syndicated radio program 'Echoes' and 2,240,000+ YouTube Views!
Welcome, Music is really a form of universal energy that binds all of us together, I hope you truly enjoy the positive sound vibrations!

My purpose in life is providing you with a positive original relaxing instrumental guitar-based music experience combining flavors of contemporary classical guitar, smooth jazz, new age, mainstream pop, and world music to establish the right vibe for relaxation, romance, spa, intimate affairs, study, background, sleep aid, stress relief, spirituality, yoga, social engagements, vacation enhancement, and more..., the music is designed to take your mind away for awhile with positive reinforcing musical vibes, you may feel a sense of positive emotional cleansing after listening!

 Ciao for now, ALDO

Enjoy The Relaxing Original Guitar Instrumental Calming Beach Music Three Hour Play

'Close To You' Album Information

Aldo relaxing guitar close to you cd
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ALDO's first self-produced album 'Close To You' released by 'Silent Star Enterprises, Inc.' continues to receive five-star listener ratings consistently through thousands of digital downloads and physical CD purchases, the main theme being the music will last for years within your listening collection, the album contains various music elements such as contemporary classical, new age, smooth jazz, latin, world, and natural sounds. The song 'Silent Star' received US national radio play on the syndicated FM radio program 'Echoes' and over 2,240,000+ YouTube video view plays, in addition other YouTube song videos have received thousands of view plays accounting for over 2,800,000+ total view plays and approximately 3,900 subscribers to channel, the music also received millions of addition view plays through partnership videos by WavesDVD channel.
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Original music created by ALDO
Recorded and produced by ALDO
Mastered by JOHN VESTMAN

Fan Reviews

***** 5 Star Rating: Comfort in my heart
Reviewer: Kathi from Tucson, AZ

My fiancé is deployed in Syria, he was shot, he lost some of his soldiers. This has been very difficult for me. Especially at night when I lay in bed alone. I couldn't sleep, all I did was cry. Now I listen to the music and it soothes my heart, relaxes me. My Captain is doing better and with the beautiful music so am I. And now I can be here for him fully even if it's from a distance.  I love all the music, I imagine myself walking on the beach listening to your music hand in hand with my fiancé. Thank you for your beautiful music looking forward to more of your music

***** 5 Star Rating: Amazing
Reviewer: Jorge from Huntington Park, CA

You Music is Amazing. No matter how my day was I can always listen to your music to fit the mood. I recommend your music to everyone I can possibly tell. All which agree with me; You have outstanding talent. I envy you so much because of this. I only hope to play like you one day. I can't wait for you next album  "Together Again", I know it will be something worth the wait.

*****5 Star Rating: Excellent Mental Vacation
Reviewer: Sue from Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

I totally love this CD and play it through multiple times to the day.  Its  sultry music evokes thoughts of romance on the beach in a tropical area south of the border. Very sensual, very engaging. Lilting melodies that are memorable by a  first-class  guitarist that will transport you. If you're planning an evening of romance, or just daydreaming of one ~ the ambiance this album affords should fill the bill! My only beef is ~ when is he going to release a new CD??

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Inspirational Fan Story

Dearest Aldo,

A few months back, I was going through chemo. Every day when I was done, I ran on the treadmill to keep my mind off of my life. When I first heard your music, I thought it was an angel coming to take me to heaven. But then I realized that life was worth living and then the cancer left. I am truly blessed to have you in my life Aldo. Keep making music, the more you write, the more inspiration will spread throughout the world - which is something we all need in these trying times

Love, Hank, NYC, New York

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