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'Together Again' the second album title track (still being recorded) is listed as track #5 from the free seven song MP3 special download package.

Five Star Listener Reviews

Here's just a few fan reviews that indicate how people are enjoying the music!

***** 5 Star Rating: Magical, Moving, Work of Art
Reviewer: Deb Gunther

This is some of the most beautiful, uplifting music I've ever heard. It lifts you up and takes you to beautiful exotic places, giving you such a feeling of peaceful serenity, breathtaking moments in time!! The most haunting guitar styles I have heard in many a year, this young artist truly knows how to keep you in tune for every note, some of the most electrifying, captivating classical music I have ever enjoyed. Thank you "Aldo" for working your magic so very well, much continued success to you!!

***** 5 Star Rating: ‘Close To You’ Gives voice to the stars!
Reviewer: Jeannie Sanders from MI

‘Close To You’ lifts you up to the stars, dips you in the sea, and warms you with the sunshine of a gentle guitar on this profoundly soothing collection. Guided securely at the hand of a confident talent, ‘Close To You’ coaxes you to relax and asks you to feel nostalgic; you will feel transported, yet comforted and safe when you are in the presence of this work. It is strong and lovely!

***** 5 Star Rating: Awesome, engaging & moving!!!
Reviewer: Joseph Stefanick from PA

This is one of the best new CDs that I have in my collection. Aldo's music is moving, very engaging and just plain awesome. I listened to the CD numerous times in my car while traveling recently. I had Goosebumps and tears at times; Aldo really puts his emotion into the music! This CD is a definite buy!

***** 5 Star Rating: My senses come alive, 'Close To You'..
Reviewer: Debbie

The commanding reverbaration of the deep, rich sound draws your attention, demanding you to listen… then gentle strokes, the kind that cause goose bumps, filter through the evils the day brought and gently places you on a warm, sandy beach, the ocean lapping at you heels as you drift, with each note, of the heartfelt, soul enhanced music.

***** 5 Star Review: Transcendent, Touching, Tantalizing... My new favorite CD
Reviewer: Katie from PA

Aldo, with his Close To You is a rare talent. While his style is difficult to name, one might compare the music to that of Ottmar Liebert, Enya, or Enigma. The acoustic guitar is full and mellow, but never too sweet. It lends itself to dinners by candlelight, lazy Sunday mornings, long drives, or as a stress reducer at the office. I listen to this CD all of the time. In short, I highly recommend that you listen to a sample, and then purchase it without delay. You will not be disappointed!