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ALDO's original relaxing instrumental guitar music contains a light and mellow blend of classical nylon, acoustic, and ultra-clean electric guitar sounds performed as solo compositions or accompanied by other musical instruments arranged to provide a truly relaxing listener experience

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ALDO's music is played all over the world, receives FM, Satellite,  and online radio station air time, it's been used in TV commercials, high-end multimillion-dollar real estate videos, various relaxing compilation albums, soundtrack and background music for video-film, and 5 million+ plays through YouTube video views

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'Silent Star' Song 2,280,000+ YouTube Video Views

The song 'Silent Star' received US national radio play on the syndicated radio program 'Echoes' and 'Silent Star' video featured on YouTube has been viewed 2,280,000+ times and still climbing, the video contains a special meaning and worth spending the time to watch!  Silent Star Guitar Sheet Music

Fan Review

Five Star Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Excellent Mental Vacation"

Reviewer: Sue from Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

I totally love this CD and play it through multiple times to the day.  Its sultry music evokes thoughts of romance on the beach in a tropical area south of the border. Very sensual, very engaging. Lilting melodies that are memorable by a  first-class guitarist that will transport you. If you're planning an evening of romance, or just daydreaming of one ~ the ambiance this album affords should fill the bill

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Enjoy 7 Free Songs! Download Your Instant ALDO Relaxing Guitar Music Special MP3 Package Right Now, Because Your Deserve True Inner Peace!

ALDO's first self-produced album 'Close To You' continues to receive five-star listener ratings consistently through thousands of digital downloads and physical CD purchases, the main theme being the music will last for years within your listening collection, the album contains various music elements such as contemporary classical, new age, smooth jazz, latin, world, and natural sounds. People are using the music for various functions like weddings, wine tastings, health rejuvenation clinics, spas, various social gatherings, general relaxation, flying. car rides, reading, vacations, bubble baths, dinner music, study, sleep, and setting a nice relaxing or romantic vibe.

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Fan Reviews

Five Star Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Reviewer: Jorge from Huntington Park, CA

You Music is Amazing. No matter how my day was I can always listen to your music to fit the mood. I recommend your music to everyone I can possibly tell. All which agree with me; You have outstanding talent. I envy you so much because of this. I only hope to play like you one day. I can't wait for you next album  "Together Again", I know it will be something worth the wait.


Five Star Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Magical, Moving, Work of Art"

Reviewer: Deb G...

This is some of the most beautiful, uplifting music I've ever heard. It lifts you up and takes you to beautiful exotic places, giving you such a feeling of peaceful serenity, breathtaking moments in time!! The most haunting guitar styles I have heard in many a year, this young artist truly knows how to keep you in tune for every note, some of the most electrifying, captivating classical music I have ever enjoyed. Thank you "Aldo" for working your magic so very well, much-continued success to you!!

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Enjoy 7 Free Songs! Download Your Instant ALDO Relaxing Guitar Music Special MP3 Package Right Now, Because Your Deserve True Inner Peace!

Inspirational Fan Story

Dearest Aldo,

A few months back, I was going through chemo. Every day when I was done, I ran on the treadmill to keep my mind off of my life. When I first heard your music, I thought it was an angel coming to take me to heaven. But then I realized that life was worth living and then the cancer left. I am truly blessed to have you in my life Aldo. Keep making music, the more you write, the more inspiration will spread throughout the world - which is something we all need in these trying times

Love, Hank, NYC, New York

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