Because You Deserve True Inner Peace Of Mind And Body

Original Empowering Electronic Synthesizer Music, Composed And Performed By ALDO

'Mind Expander, Volume 1' is a positive musical tool packed with positive vibrations to help realign your mind and body, its effectiveness depends on you, the individual, but remember one key concept 'There Are No Limits', you are the alchemist in your limitless expanding universe!

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Are you feeling trapped by our own thoughts and subconscious patterns, being forced to live by other's agendas, dealing with job-related loss or stress, constant worrying about money, addictions, health challenges, pounded by negative news, and encountering other modern-day stress? We've all been negatively conditioned in certain ways from an early age and cast those vibrations out to others without knowing and passing down to the next generation. I hope the music assists you with releasing negative energy and increase positive life energy!

I am excited to share positive free music 'Mind Expander, Volume 1' album with you and please share with whomever you feel could benefit from listening to the music. I believe together we can make the world a safer and more pleasurable experience for all.

The all synthesizer EP album 'Mind Expander, Volume 1' manifestation comes from a collection of experiences, feedback from listeners heartfelt stories about an experience with 'Close To You' album, and studying about self-discovery and personal healing from many highly accredited sources throughout the present and past history.

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