Dr Andrew Katelaris claims medical marijuana is a lifesaving treatment

  • “IT’S bizarre that in the 21st Century we have to hide the production of life-saving medicine,” says Dr Andrew Katelaris as he opens the panel to his secret makeshift laboratory hidden inside a bedroom wardrobe.
  • For more than a decade, Dr Katelaris has been brewing his therapeutic cannabis oil in the shadows, away from the watchful eyes of the main medical establishment who have shunned his zealot-like approach to medical marijuana.
Dr. Katelaris gave up his medical license to devote his life to helping create cannabis oil to treat various health conditions, within the story you will read how he's given parents hope by helping a child who has brain damage, cerebral abscesses, hydrocephalus, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. The child used to suffer daily seizures and would have to be hospitalised but since he began taking the oil, the seizures have stopped.

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