1. Sunset Dreams

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Sunset Dreams

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‘Sunset Dreams’ (Artwork contains a sunset picture of my wife Rosa and me shortly after our marriage in St. Lucia) single song will be part of Acoustic Dreams Album Volume 1, a concept that I am working on with creating a natural acoustic guitar album using only one mic, one acoustic guitar, and two tracks to supply rhythm and lead, this album will be very natural sounding almost live, like I'm playing right in front of you, and still right within the theme of taking you away for a while..., I'm not cutting out much room noise, true live lead improvision without overdubbing so you're going to hear exactly what I played during recording the rhythm or lead tracks at that specific moment in time (no one really records this way because it’s never exactly perfect but it’s really the only way I feel that I can convey the true emotion from my mind and heart to yours).